The Good Dog Diet is written by Anna Patfield , chief cook and bottle washer at Pawsability Pet Behaviour.

There was a question that arose in Anna’s mind  when working on the COAPE Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training, many moons ago – what it is about food that affects behaviour – does it? doesn’t it? what’s the truth?

After several years of working with behaviour clients and seeing puppies and dogs in training classes – who seemed to be ‘obviously’ on particular foods, the desire to get to the root of the conundrum grew – why is it that thousands and thousands of dogs are fine on some foods and others just seem to be, allegedly, hyper. And so the study at CASI began – an Advanced Diploma in Canine Nutritional Science. The only course that went into the depth of knowledge required that wasn’t biased towards one diet or another.

And finally the penny dropped! Dogs aren’t ‘dogs’. They are individuals! Different dogs have different needs with their diets – just like people. It’s really not that tricky. Certainly looking at specific diets to  help with specific medical ailments for specific individuals is incredibly difficult, but it’s relatively simple to ‘get it’ when we’re just looking at behaviour problems.

The Good Dog Diet book isn’t just a ‘tell me’ book. It’s a journey of discovery. In this world, we all need to make up our own minds about things. But to be confident about our judgement we need knowledge. And this is what the book provides. Knowledge of what food is, of how it is digested and how it’s used in the body. Knowledge of the stories behind the myths and anecdotes to sort out fact from fiction. And knowledge of what affects behaviour and why some dogs’ behaviour appears to be affected by their diets and why others aren’t.

Enjoy the journey and please do share your feedback. Happy to answer questions…..

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