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A great book that will help you to make the best choices about what to feed your dog for health and for happiness.

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There is so much information around now. The Interweb has kind of helped, but also really hindered. Anyone can write anything down now and if it looks sort of sciency or official, we tend to believe it. It’s so frustrating and so annoying when we end up in different places that contradict each other. Who to trust? How to choose?

Knowledge is king. If you have the knowledge, then you can come to your own personal conclusions. The Good Dog Diet does just that. It helps you to answer the questions that are floating around in  your mind, such as:

  • Does food affect behaviour?
  • Can I fix my dog’s behaviour problems by changing their diet?
  • How do I choose between dry and wet and cooked and raw dog food?
  • Is high protein good or bad?
  • What should I feed my dog to keep her healthy?

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